The Universitas Paulo Freire (UniFreire) is a network of people and institutions which have freirian inspiration, from several countries, for example Chairs and Paulo Freire Institutes, groups, research centers and higher education institutions. It is organized as a space of production and knowledge publicizing, having as horizon the most original meaning of “Univérsitas”, that is multiple knowledge and learning.

The proposal of Bulletin UniFreire is to socialize knowledges, to reflect and to potentiate actions of national and international Freirian community. It has also a formative character and it is published biannually, as Mundial Paulo Freire Institute Board’s decision.

UniFreire is responsible by the coordination of the Bulletin. It mobilizes the freirian community for the production of contents, it writes texts from the releases that are received and it divulges widely the produced editions, searching to motivate other people and institutions to participate of the following editions.